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Red Sawks 5, Twins 0: But Joe Nathan's Fine!

Gardy loves baseball. Also, bowling. Also, chicken.
Gardy loves baseball. Also, bowling. Also, chicken.

Entirely authentic game notes today...

  • Joe Nathan made his spring debut and, thankfully, his arm held together and he looked just fine. His fastball was clocked in at 85-90, which is perfectly fine for this time of year, and there haven't been any reports of unexpected pain or anything else. Double plus good.
  • Only a trio of Twins picked up a hit today. Danny Valencia tallied a pair on his own, while Chase Lambin singled and Danny Rams doubled. Not in succession, obviously.
  • Ben Revere, Joe Benson, Chris Parmelee and Jason Repko all took walks. The Twins had baserunners, they just couldn't score.
  • The Red Sox got to Twins pitchers who are simply getting their arms in game shape, picking up their five runs on 13 hits. Nathan's appearance was scoreless, as was Jose Mijares', Carlos Gutierrez's, and Yorman Bazardo's. Kyle Waldrop allowed one unearned run in his inning, while Scott Baker, David Bromberg, and Kyle Gibson (also in his debut) were struck with at least one earned run apiece.

Nobody got hurt, that's the important thing at this point. Once games start getting televised in a few days we'll have a better idea of how these guys look.

One day closer to real games!