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Numbersota Hoodie


While Jesse and I work out the final kinks of Shirt #4, I just got ahold of a small batch of navy hoodies (60 of them actually) - and they are going into pre-production next week! They are up for pre-order on the Blorch! Shop for $25 right now (available in XL and 2XL only), and shall be at your doorstep the last week of March. Like the limited edition aqua/red Numbersota Tee, this will be pre-order only. The only catch is, I only have 60 of 'em, so once those 60 pre-orders run out, that is all! Click here to visit the Numbersota Hoodie page.

Navy with cherry red ink. Classic Twins colors. Display your love in the springtime weather. These will actually be the rarest TwinkieTown garments to date, so be one of the lucky 60 to wear one.

I'll have another update next week sometime with details on Shirt #4! Hint: It celebrates history much like Numbersota does, but with a little added fun.