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Spring Training Game 14: Twins @ Cardinals

No Nick Punto in the lineup? Where's the heart! Just kidding LNP, we love you. A couple of Twins notes from this morning...

  • Joe Mauer caught Nick Blackburn's bullpen session this morning. He's on track for Opening Day for sure.
  • Gardy knows spots one to four in the rotation will go Pavano-Liriano-Blackburn-Duensing. It looks like Baker and Slowey really are fighting for the number five role. With Baker's contract I can't believe he wouldn't get it. At the very least, he won't be traded, so he'll hit the 'pen if Slowey beats him out for the role.
  • Nishioka's family is okay. I think I speak for everyone when I say that our thoughts are with his family and the rest of Japan.
  • Gardy expects the Twins to make their first cuts on Monday. Between today and tomorrow, a lot of guys who are on the cusp will want to have the best days they could possibly have.

Twins: Span CF, Tolbert 2B, Young LF, Valencia 3B, Bailey DH, Hughes 1B, Repko RF, Butera C, Plouffe SS (Pavano P)
Cards: Theriot SS, Carpenter 3B, Pujols 1B, Holliday LF, Berkman DH, Rasmus CF, Molina C, Schumaker 2B, Jay RF (Westbrook P)