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The Twins Are On TV Today. Here's Your Visual Scavenger Hunt.

Fox Sports North will broadcast today's Twins game against the Marlins, live at 12:05 from Hammond Stadium. It's FSN's first broadcast of the spring, and for those of us who couldn't make a March trip to Fort Myers, it's our first look at the team in 2011.

Award yourself the appropriate number of points if you see any of the following things on today's broadcast:

Joe Mauer wearing a full uniform: 1 point
- Wearing catcher's gear: 2 points
- Wearing a pirate hat and/or eyepatch: 7 points

La Velle E. Neal III in the press box: 1 point
- On the field before the game: 2 points
- In line at the concessions stand while the game is going on: 5 points
- Trying to explain to fans that he's not Al Newman: 11 points

Brian Dinkelman: 1 point
- But you identified him without seeing his name and number of the back of his jersey: 8 points

Any evidence that Dick Bremer or Bert Blyleven is not wearing shoes: 2 points
- Not wearing pants: 6 points
- Not wearing a shirt and either smoking a cigar or eating a meatball hoagie: 14 points

Tsuyoshi Nishioka with his translator: 1 point
- With Ray Chang: 2 points
- With Ray Chang while Denard Span looks bewildered: 19 points

Jim Kaat: 1 point
- While clearly telling a raunchy story about his playing days to Justin Morneau: 9 points
- While sitting on Morneau's lap: 24 points

Any shot that shows at least two Canadians: 2 points
- Bonus points for degree of difficulty if the two Canadians are Rene Tosoni and Scott Diamond: 4 points

Any old person in the stands that's nodded off in the middle innings: 1 point
- Bonus if they look like Sid Hartman and you submit a picture: 12 points

Any pitcher getting in some running on the warning track during the game: 1 point
- Jose Mijares stopped, looking winded, on the warning track during the game: 3 points

And... go! You're on the honor system for points. Although if you see Mauer in the pirate hat, you may just win automatically, no matter what the points say.