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Championship Round Vote: Field of Dreams vs Major League

This is it, folks. This one's for all the marbles. But who is taking who's marbles? Will Tom Berenger take James Earl Jones' marbles, or will Kevin Coster take...okay, nevermind. We both know somebody's already stolen Charlie Sheen's marbles.

Last time around we saw Major League take 72% of the votes against A League of Their Own, and really, we shouldn't be surprised. So now we come to the end of our road: Major League, quite possibly the funniest baseball film of all time, against Field of Dreams, quite possibly the most poignant baseball film of all time. Oddly enough they were both released in the same year.

Have at it...

Field of Dreams (1989, 3 Oscar nominations) - Kevin Costner's first appearance in the tournament (and final remaining Costner nominee) is this classic, wherein a novice farmer hears voices ("If you build it, he will come"), goes against all advice and builds a baseball field behind his house. He chases down Darth Vader James Earl Jones, Moonlight foregoes youth to step off the field and save Costner's daughter because he's a doctor but he's dead which is great because it makes sense, and of course the great revelation at the end is that one of the ghost players on the field is Costner's old man. Great message about hopes and overcoming regrets...if you want to look deeper than time travel, ghosts and JEJ's voice.

Major League (1989) - When the new owner of the Cleveland Indians decides she can make tons of money by selling off the franchise, she loads the team up with youngers and has-beens, in the hope of driving fans away a giving her the excuse she needs to make the sale. Things look bleak early, but the team and a grizzled manager come together to face their common enemy. Wild Thing gets glasses, Willy Mays Hayes steals like 70 bases in the last month of the season (seriously, how many gloves does he get there during the montage?), the veteran who wants to become an interior designer starts diving for balls, voodoo finally works and Tom Berenger proves once and for all that if you stalk a girl long enough she'll love you.