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Spring Training Game 4: Twins @ Pirates

Once again, lineups courtesy of LEN III:


1. Ben Revere, CF
2. Trevor Plouffe, SS
3. Jason Kubel, DH
4. Danny Valencia, 3B
5. Luke Hughes, 2B
6. Jeff Bailey, 1B
7. Brian Dinkleman, LF
8. Steve Holm, C
9. Jason Repko, RF

Pitching: Brian Duensing, with Matt Capps, Pat Neshek, Phil Dumatrait and Jeff Manship on the list.


1. Jose Tabata, LF
2. Corey Wimberly, SS
3. Andrew McCutchen, CF
4. Pedro Alvarez, 3B
5. Neil Walker, 2B
6. Lyle Overbay, 1B
7. Steve Pearce, DH
8. Ryan Doumit, C
9. Andrew Lambo, RF

Pitching: Ross Ohlendorf, with Tony Watson, Joel Hanrahan and Jose Veras on the list.

Veteran Jason Kubel (and his beard?) are holding down the middle of the batting order today as a lot of the depth chart guys get another opportunity to make an impression. Rever, Plouffe, Hughes, and Neshek are guys I'd like to be watching...if only I could.

Tabata for the Pirates, on the other hand, is one guy I pegged a long long time ago as one of the players who we should have been targeting in a return for Johan Santana.

Enjoy the game, I think I should be around for this one, and I'll have something on this Liriano situation for you to chew on later tonight. Win Stay healthy Twins!