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Neshek to San Deigo

Pat Neshek just announced on Twitter that he is now a Padre. More to come...

From @PatNeshek at 11:50 CDT

I just got news that I am now a member of the San Diego Padres, packing up & heading west.

No other confirmation of the news yet...

Update 12:00 CDT

MLB Trade rumors reports as well. So far, the only news is from Neshek's Twitter feed, via the tweet above. No news on if the transaction was some sort of trade, or what the Twins might have gotten in return. No doubt the Twins beat reporter's Twitters will be the place to watch for the next few minutes...

Update 2

Multiple other sources are reporting on this as well. It hasn't been confirmed officially yet, but all reports say the move was a straight waiver acquisition by the Padres. Certainly, the bullpen situation is far clearer now.