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A quick note about SB Nation advertising

Top of the morning, Twinkie Town,

As you'll notice, below above this post you will find an ad for MLB Extra Innings through SB Nation Partner / advertiser Comcast-slash-Xfinity. I just want to make a couple of quick notes about this so we're on a level playing field here.

  • First and foremost, what you see below above is an advertisement for MLB Extra Innings.
  • These advertisements exist because 1) SBN needs to pay the bills, and 2) companies like Comcast recognise how important a great community like ours is.
  • The rules for these sponsored posts are that they will 1) run for 24 hours, and 2) always take their place below the top post on the site. Because site content is always priority number one.
  • This particular ad will run today, and then again next Thursday.
  • You won't see "Chuck's Steaks" in that spot, because although many Twins fans might like steak, it's not a Twins-relevant thing. (Also, if Chuck's Steaks actually exists, it's just a coincidence. Nobody here officially endorses Chuck's Steaks.)
  • Comments are closed on this advertorial because it isn't open for feedback. In the future, however, advertorials may be open to feedback, which means the comment section could be used for that purpose or others, including contests. It's just that, in this situation, the Comcast advertorial is not open for feedback.

I know it's different, which is why I wanted to put something out here. Ultimately, to support not just Twinkie Town but the fantastic network that SB Nation has built over the years, this kind of thing will happen from time to time.

But it doesn't change the fact that this site is still all about being a great Twins community with great Twins-related content. That is all, enjoy your Friday.