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Spring Training Game 10: Pirates @ Twins

Lineups courtesy of LEN III:


1. Andrew McCutchen, CF
2. Jose Tabata, LF
3. Pedro Alvarez, 3B
4. Lyle Overbay, 1B
5. Neil Walker, 2B
6. Garrett Jones, RF
7. Ronny Cedeno. SS
8. Ryan Doumit, C
9. Brian Burres, LHP


1. Ben Revere, LF
2. Nishi, 2B
3. Danny Valencia, DH
4. Matt Brown, 3B
5. Matt Tolbert, 1B
6. Brian Dinkelman, RF
7. Jason Repko, CF
8. Alexi Casilla, SS
9. Drew Butera, C

Pitching: Carl Pavano, with Jeff Manship, Pat Neshek, Dusty Hughes, Kyle Waldrop, Phil Dumatrait and Yorman Bazardo on the list to pitch.

Turns out the Pirates are having their pitchers hit today, so there's that. I'm looking foward to listening to hear how Revere, Nishioka, Valencia and Casilla play, and I'm interested to see how far they let Pavano go as well. Nehsek, Hughes and Waldrop all have realistic shots at the 'pen, too.

Today's big news, of course, is that Justin Morneau is playing in the "B" game! Here's hoping he gets through it all a-OK.