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Justin Morneau Returns to the Field, Feels Good

Sometime on Monday, after a conversation with his doctor, the decision was made that Justin Morneau would return to the field for Tuesday morning's "B" game against the Pirates. It was the first time Morneau appearend in a game since his concussion on July 7 of last season. And after so much uncertainty, and after so many people laying down their doubts and ignorant accusations of a lack of desire to get back and contribute, well...having him play today just made it seem that much more important.

Morneau played for four innings at first base, and in his second at-bat scorched one down the right field line for a bases-clearing double. After the contest, during the "A" game, we heard Morneau speak about what led up to his decision to play today, what his doctor told him about the risks involved (or, more specifically, the lack thereof), and of course how he was going to approach the next couple of days.

Tonight and tomorrow, it's a waiting game to see how Justin feels. Provided he doesn't suffer any post-concussion symptoms, we'll see him play again on Thursday.

For more on Morneau, his game and how he approached the lead-up to today, check out Joe Christensen's post at Around the Majors.