2011 Twins Statistical Overview

A selection of statistics that I believe sum up the Twins' 2011 so far. Some are amusing; some are depressing; some are both. I present them without further comment.

Twins' winning percentage by starting catcher

Joe Mauer: .250

Drew Butera: 1.000

Players with as many or more home runs than the Minnesota Twins

Nelson Cruz

Howie Kendrick

Mark Teixeira

Miguel Cabrera

Ian Kinsler

Ryan Braun

Rickie Weeks

Pat Burrell

Alfonso Soriano

Troy Tulowitzki

Alex Rodriguez

Asdrubal Cabrera

Alex Avila

Mike Napoli

Josh Willingham

Adrian Beltre

Russell Martin

Paul Konerko

Jorge Posada

Total Triples

Minnesota Twins: 0

Jeff Francoeur: 1

Double plays grounded into

Delmon Young: 4

Chicago White Sox: 3

Twins players with an OPS+ over 100 (no minimum number of plate appearances)

Denard Span (107)

Twins players with an OPS+ below 0

Michael Cuddyer (-12)

Jason Repko (-100)

Luke Hughes (-20)

Intentional walks received

Minnesota Twins: 0

Jeff Francoeur: 1

Quality starts

Nick Blackburn: 2

Everyone else on the Minnesota Twins: 1

Intact fibulae

Tsuyoshi Nishioka: 1

Runs scored

Drew Butera: 1

Michael Cuddyer: 0

Runs batted in

Matt Tolbert: 1

Michael Cuddyer: 0

Only positive statistic I could find for Michael Cuddyer

Fielding percentage: 1.000

Games finished

Joe Nathan: 3

Dusty Hughes: 3

Votes received in the "Who will lead the Twins in home runs?" poll on TwinkieTown

Jim Thome: 82 (6%)

Denard Span: 0

Danny Valencia: 0

Players leading the Twins in home runs

Jim Thome

Denard Span

Danny Valencia

Home runs by players whose given name is "Keiunta"

Minnesota Twins: 1

New York Yankees: 0