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Week Three in Review

I know this week wasn't ideal, but I actually have more than one green for us this week...

Twins Record This Week: 3 - 5
Twins Record Overall: 7 - 12
This Week's Fan Confidence Rating: 51

Not Falling Off the Rails

Joe Mauer is out, for the baseball gods know how long. Justin Morneau has the flu. Delmon Young has the flu and an issue with his ribs. Joe Nathan took himself out of the closer's role. The Twins have swapped out a number of relief pitchers. The offense is struggling almost to every single individual. And in spite of all this, the Twins still pulled off a 3-5 week.

I'm not saying things are good, and I'm not saying that the Twins are close to being a good team right now. But the talent is there, and when the stars of this team actually are healthy and begin producing, things could turn around very quickly.


The Twins still aren't scoring any runs, but on this eight game road trip they did manage to hit five home runs. Jim Thome hit one, while both Michael Cuddyer and Jason Kubel knocked out a pair.

Now, I could be wrong...but weren't these all solo homers?

Base Runners

There aren't any. In spite of "breaking out" for five homers this past week, the team still only scored 23 runs in eight games. I'm not going to do the math for you, you know how many runs per game that comes out to.


Over the last few years the Twins have gone through stretches without star players. Morneau, Mauer, Liriano, Cuddyer, Thome, Crede, Span, Hudson...there have been stretches where big bats haven't been able to be in the lineup.

But I can't remember a time where so many critical players were either unavailable or simply just not performing.

All things considered, how's your confidence in the Twins?