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Very Brief Recap

While you were rending garments over the Vikings taking what you're absolutely sure was the wrong quarterback even though you've never seen him play:

  • The Twins got no-hit by the legend, Jeff Niemann, for six innings on Thursday night.
  • Joe Mauer is nowhere near ready to come off the disabled list.
  • Twins trainer Rick McWane admitted that Mauer was not ready to play coming out of spring training.
  • Ben Zobrist had more RBIs in two days than any Twins player has for the year.
  • Nick Blackburn and Francisco Liriano were inept.
  • Minnesota's bullpen situation is so dire that Alex Burnett is already coming back to take the place of theirbest starting pitcher against Tampa, Anthony Swarzak.
  • Minnesota's bullpen situation is so dire that if Jim Thome has to go on the DL, the Twins would call up a 13th pitcher.
  • It has nothing to do with the bullpen situation being dire, but Jason Repko might have to be placed on the disabled list, too.
  • If I have my Old Testament right, the locusts come next.
ALL THAT BEING SAID: eventually, they will be healthy; none of their Central rivals are good enough to run away and hide with the division; and French Resistance fighter Rene Tosoni had a multi-hit game and his first MLB RBI yesterday. That's what I have for positives. If you have some, leave them in the comments below. We could use them.