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Game 3: Twins (0-2) @ Blue Jays (2-0)

First Pitch: 12:07pm CDT
TV: Dickandbert TV
Radio: Twins Radio Network
Know Thine Enemy: Bluebird Banter

Brett Cecil

#27 / Pitcher / Toronto Blue Jays





Jul 02, 1986

The most interesting thing to watch for Cecil this afternoon will be his fastball velocity. Apparently he's lost 4 to 5 mph since last season, in spite of feeling "full strength", which is why he's calling it a mechanical issue. If adrenaline at the start of the game allows him to pick up an extra mph or two, he'll have to avoid overthrowing as the game goes on.

That, or he'll have to rely on his secondary offerings, particularly his slider and changeup which were his most effective pitches in 2010. Whatever happens, if he doesn't get that velocity back he's going to have to change his approach.

Nick Blackburn

#53 / Pitcher / Minnesota Twins





Feb 24, 1982

We all know how Blackburn scuffled last year. His groundball rates were fine, but contact and quality of contact was up.

But we know what his weaknesses are, and we know what he brings to the table. If Blackburn can mix his pitches and hit his spots, MLB Pitching 101, then he can take the Twins deep into the game and provide the consistency we haven't seen on the mound from Pavano or Liriano.