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Game 4: Twins (1-2) at Yankees (2-1)

First Pitch: 6:05pm
TV: FSN Radio: Twins Radio Network
Know Thine Enemy: Pinstripe Alley

These guys already? Cripes. First team nemesis Toronto, now the Yankees... I suppose the Twins are just lucky that they don't have a three-game series with the NL All-Star Team after this.

Ivan Nova

#47 / Pitcher / New York Yankees





Jan 12, 1987

Pitching today for the Yankees is Ivan Nova, whose name is almost the same backwards ("Avon Navi") as it is forwards. Nova won the competition to be the Yankees' fourth starter, beating out two fans who wandered onto the field and a copy of "MLB The Show '09."

He's just 24 years old, made seven starts at the end of last year, and finished the sixth inning just once. (He sounds like Twins material!) According to the scouting report, his best pitch is a sinking two-seamer, and he'll throw a curve and a circle change as well.

Scott Baker

#30 / Pitcher / Minnesota Twins





Sep 19, 1981

I think we all know what we're getting from Scott Baker at this point - decent control, four thousand foul balls, and a high fastball that sometimes ends up in the seats. Given that the bullpen threw about 83 innings in Toronto, the Twins care less about him getting shellacked tonight, and more about him throwing seven or eight innings.