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Game 6: Minnesota Twins at New York Yankees

First Pitch: 6:05 pm Central
TV: FSN (Probably all customers tonight) Radio: Twins Radio Network
Know Thine (Not Thy, take note) Enemy: Pinstripe Alley

The Twins look to, at the very least, split the series in New York tonight, throwing the 'Stache-less Carl Pavano against Freddy Garcia.

We all remember Pavano's last outing in Toronto, and I think we're all hoping for a much better outing tonight (I know, I know-thank you, Captain Obvious). We need Pavano to go late into the game, not give up (many) runs, and keep his composure.

Just your friendly reminder to have a bit of perspective-it's still very, very early in the season. Have a good game, and lineups and pitcher information are after the jump!

Carl Pavano

#48 / Pitcher / Minnesota Twins





Jan 08, 1976

Freddy Garcia

#36 / Pitcher / New York Yankees





Oct 06, 1976

As you may remember, Garcia pitched for the Chicago White Sox last year, and was signed by the Yankees in the offseason. His ERA last year was 4.64, and he has a career ERA of 4.13. I know ERA isn't the most telling stat, but Garcia is hittable, and the Twins need to take advantage of that tonight.

Also, let's hope the rain stays away long enough for there to be a game tonight...

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