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Tigers 9, Twins 7: Minnesota Bullpen Can't Hold a [Bleeping] Lead

Sigh. I really, really don't want to recap this game, because (almost) every single aspect of it was depressing. I'll give you the good stuff right away: Jason Kubel hit a massive 3-run bomb to put the Twins ahead in the 7th, Justin Morneau hit a couple doubles, and Ben Revere absolutely flew around the bases to score from first on a single. Other than that, was brutal. Full recap, notes, and studs & duds after the jump.

The game started out pretty on par with others this season-the Tigers scored in the first inning, and Scott Baker was pulled after only four and a third innings. The Twins led the Tigers twice, but managed to give up runs both times, eventually giving Minnesota another loss.

Aside from the 4 walks, and the pitch count, Baker did pretty well today. In the 4.1 innings he pitched, he did manage to strike out 6 Tigers, so that's a positive. He also walked 4, so that's a negative. Glen Perkins came on in relief, though, and in 1.1 IP, he walked another two batters and struck out three more. See, you can find positives if you look hard enough. Joe Nathan pitched an inning and a half with just a hit and a strikeout. Jose Mijares and Matt Capps, however, didn't fare so well. Mijares pitched a third of an inning, walking one and getting one run in. Matt Capps...oh, Matt Capps. Capps was asked to get 5 outs today for the save, and let's just say that did not go as planned. In the 1.2 IP, Capps gave up a 2 run bomb to Jhonny Peralta to put the Tigers ahead in the top of the 8th, and when the Twins managed to tie it up in the bottom of the inning, Capps gave up another two runs to seal the deal. Tigers-9, Twins-7.

I do have to give some credit to the Tigers, I guess. They performed a perfect squeeze play to get their last insurance run across the plate. Phil Coke didn't walk a batter until the 5th inning. They made a couple nice defensive plays in the field. Good for them.

The nice thing about today's game (and I assure you, there are more positives, surprisingly enough) is that it proved how bad the AL Central is this year. Sure, the Tigers beat the Twins, but they also gave up 7 runs to the Twins. I's not like it was a complete blowout today. They had trouble staying in the game at points.

All of that said, it was a really, really disappointing game that was really, really frustrating to watch/listen to, and I sincerely hope the off day tomorrow gives the guys some time to think and adjust or something so they can stop losing games.

-Jason Kubel is on fire right now. We might just be a winless team without him (I did some hard math to figure it out, don't question it).
-Justin Morneau seemed to break out of his slump a little today. Positive signs, at the very least.
-Victor Martinez (yes, THAT Victor Martinez) absolutely owns the Twins. Wow.

Jason Kubel
Justin Morneau
Joe Nathan
Ben Revere's Speed and Resulting Face-in-Shin Pad Moment

Ahem, sorry. Matt Capps
Rene Tosoni
Michael Cuddyer

Enjoy the off day, folks. Can't lose if you don't play.