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Some Good News: Joe Mauer Headed to Fort Myers for Rehab

According to multiple reports, the Twins are sending Joe Mauer to Fort Myers in order to continue his rehab. It's currently unknown if this will involve playing games, at least right away, but it does mean that he's ready to take the next step in the process and puts him that much closer to getting back on the field with the Twins. He'll be there tomorrow.

With a light at the end of Mauer's tunnel, not to mention both Jim Thome and Jason Repko being ready in potentially the next few days, this means the only player who isn't imminent for playing a rehab game or two is Tsuyoshi Nishioka.

Now, if only a few of our high-profile players could perform like they're capable of performing.

We'll have more on this as reports come in. But hey - right now, any news is good news.


Phil Mackey, who will have more as it develops
John Shipley, Pioneer Press (Twitter) and not Twitter, too
LEN III, Strib (Twitter)