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Glen Perkins Strikes Out Inhalent Abuse

This is not a sponsored post. I was approached by Strike Out Inhalent Abuse in Minnesota and thought it was a good cause. Here's the PSA starring the ace of our pitching staff, Glen Perkins. If you're interested there will be more info after the jump.

The Alliance for Consumer Education (or, ACE) partnered with the Minnesota Twins for "Strikeout Inhalent Abuse Day" on May 13. I'm sure we all remember that day for different reasons, for instance Jose Bautista might remember it as the day he hit his first of five home runs in the series against us, but prior to the game was the official state-wide awareness and coalition building campaign. This campaign is designed to make families in Minnesota aware of the dangers of inhalent abuse in kids.

Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) and Minnesota Teen Challenge were there before the game, handing out posters, and they sung Take Me Out to the Ballame during the seventh inning stretch. I've included a couple of pics from the day below.

Parents, educators and community leaders can learn more about potentially dangerous products, warning signs of abuse, how to approach the issue and more by downloading the Inhalant Abuse Prevention Toolkit at