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Top 10 Wasted Expenses for the 2011 Twins

10. Slim Fast meal plans for Jose Mijares and Matt Capps

9. Math classes for Bert Blyleven

8. Subsidization of Michael Cuddyer's Magic Camp

7. Financing pilot for cop drama Pavstache & Sweet Drew (Pavano & Redmond was the pilot)

6. E-Z Shave moustache stencil for Carl Pavano

5. Sponsoring of all KFC francises in Minnesota due to identity mix-up with manager

4. Adamantium bat designed for Joe Mauer only used in 38 plate appearances

3. Warehouse space in undisclosed location to house Airwolf, who has yet to appear in rotation

2. Over-estimation of juicebox demand due to departure of Nick Punto

1. Cutting down those damn trees