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State of Play

The problem with starting 12-27 is that you can thump the A's, beat King Felix, and string together 3 straight road wins and still be 15-27. Still, they're playing their best baseball of the season going into interleague play, and they're no longer the worst team in baseball (sorry, Houston).

  • Harmon Killebrew's funeral is at noon today. It will be broadcast by FSN and KARE 11 locally. Per the Strib, Bert Blyleven will be speaking, and current Twins Ron Gardenhire, Joe Nathan, Justin Morneau and Michael Cuddyer are pall bearers.
  • If you haven't seen it, KARE has footage from Harmon Killebrew Night on Late Night with David Letterman circa 1986. Set aside a half-hour if you get the chance. It's strange and wonderful.
  • Rene Rivera's improbable home run yesterday was the first home run by a Twins catcher all year. As you might guess, they were the last MLB team to register a dong from that position.
  • Morneau looked sooooooo good yesterday.
  • If you're watching the game tonight, you're not seeing things, that really is Sean Burroughs playing for Arizona.
  • Elsewhere #1: Asdrubal Cabrera may as well get his Web Gem ESPY speech ready.
  • Elsewhere #2: Jason Giambi hit three home runs yesterday. This is not a misprint, and it's not 2002.
  • Shameless plug: if you're going to any of the Twins/D'backs games this weekend and need a place to eat/drink, please consider Four Peaks Brewery in Tempe. I'd recommend it regardless, but my brother and many other ex-Minnesotans work there. If you're partial to beer, get the Kilt Lifter.

Will be back later with the game thread and any breaking news should it come up. Rest in peace, Harmon.