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Which National League Clubs Could Be Interested In Kevin Slowey?

We already know that the Twins are pondering the idea of moving Kevin Slowey, which pretty much destroys any trade value the talented right-hander could have had left. He hasn't been all that durable and hasn't been much more than a middle-of-the-rotation starter at his best, but he's also quasi young and under team control for another two seasons yet.

The most likely destination for the Twins to move a guy like Slowey is to the National League. Understanding this, I have gotten in touch with each of SB Nation's NL baseball blogs to get the home town perspective from each of the 16 clubs. I'll post their replies as I get them.

Martin from Talking Chop (Braves): The Braves are set at starter. They have two top prospects, Julio Teheran and Mike Minor, waiting in the wings, as well as veteran Rodrigo Lopez (heaven forbid).

Kyle from Brew Crew Ball (Brewers): Unless the Twins are interested in giving him away, I can't see the Brewers having much interest in Slowey. The rotation is full at present, and if a spot opened up Marco Estrada (who was very good while Zack Greinke was out) would probably be given consideration before the organization looked outside for help. Even if the Brewers had room and/or interest in Slowey's services, I'm not sure they can afford to part with any of the limited resources they have available in the minors - the Greinke and Marcum deals removed much of the impact talent from the farm.

Justin from Red Reporter (Reds): With Edinson Volquez demoted today (Monday), and Mike Leake off to a rough start, the Reds are suddenly looking at potentially throwing Sam LeCure into the rotation. Sam's a decent #5, but without an ace the Reds need all the depth they can get in their rotation. The question is the price, of course. And while I think Slowey is a solid #4, my feeling is that they won't part with much young talent for someone who isn't a frontline starter. I can certainly see them being much more interested in someone like Erik Bedard (if he keeps it up) than someone like Slowey, though the M's would need to eat a lot of salary to make him worth young talent.

Al from Bleed Cubbie Blue (Cubs): Absolutely, I'd be interested. Slowey throws strikes and the Cubs are pretty
desperate for some rotation help right now. I'd think some sort of mid-level prospect would do it. You can see more commentary here.

Dan from Viva el Birdos (Cardinals): Somehow, even after losing Adam Wainwright the Cardinals find themselves in exactly the same position they have been for years—surprisingly excellent starting pitchers, ugly bullpen. I can't see them pulling the trigger on a trade for a starter unless it were contingent on Kyle McClellan moving from the rotation into the closer's role.

Grant from McCovey Chronicles (Giants): No, I don't think the Giants would have interest in another starter. They already have a decision looming when Barry Zito comes back because Ryan Vogelsong has pitched so well, and the front four are set in stone.

Jim from AZ Snake Pit (Diamondbacks): There might be some interest in Arizona, mostly because Slowey is under contract through 2013. Zach Duke and Joe Saunders might or might not be back next year, and Slowey could provided similar production at a lower cost. However, both those named are left-handers and the D-backs would probably look for a southpaw to replace him.

Charlie from Buccs Dugout (Pirates): I doubt it. The Pirates have actually gotten reasonable performances from their starting pitchers this year, and they have plenty of rotation depth as well.

Eric from Amazin Avenue (Mets): A young-ish, fly ball pitcher who hardly walks anyone could be a really nice fit with the Mets, who play in a gigantic stadium with (generally) good defensive outfielders and (generally) unspectacular defensive infielders. In the right deal I think Slowey makes some sense for the Mets, but they won't overpay for him since they already have Dillon Gee, who is younger and cheaper if not quite as stingy with the free pass.