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Twins 40-Man Roster Foundation

Over the last few weeks we've done a lot of talking about our roster. Primarily it's been to complain and moan, but considering this team is on pace to lose more than 100 games I think that's to be expected. But, the conversation did make me think. Not just about how the roster was made up, but also about which parts of the acquisition process the front office has utilized to put it together.

With that in mind, there won't be too much heavy lifting going on here this evening. It's an off day. So here are some bite size fun facts about our current incarnation of the Twins 40-man roster, and after the jump we'll have the full breakdown for you.

  • Currently, 22 players on the 40-man roster were drafted by the Minnesota Twins (55%).
  • 9 players arrived via the trade (22.5%).
  • 5 came in as MLB free agents (12.5%).
  • 2 were amateur free agents (Mijares, L. Hughes) and 1 was an international free agent (Nishioka).
  • 1 was a waiver claim (D. Hughes).
  • Of the 22 draft picks currently on the 40-man roster, 10 (46%) were collegiate selections and 12 (54%) were prep selections.
  • 7 of the 10 (70%) college picks are pitchers (Bromberg, Burnett, and Swarzak were prep).
  • 9 of the 12 (75%) prep picks are position players (Tolbert, Valencia, and Tosoni were collegiate).
  • Of the 22 draft picks, only 13 (59%) were selections in the first three rounds.
  • Blackburn (29th), Bromberg (32nd), Slama (39th), and Tosoni (36th) are the only four draft picks who were selected after the 20th round.
  • Draft years and number of players from that draft, represented on the 40-man roster: 1997 - 1; 1999 - 1; 2000 - 1; 2001 - 2; 2002 - 1; 2003 - 1; 2004 - 4; 2005 - 5; 2006 - 5; 2007 - 1.
  • Of the 7 first round selections on the 40-man roster, Perkins is the only pitcher.
  • Carlos Gutierrez is probably the most likely candidate to be the first player from the 2008 draft class to be added to the 40-man roster.
  • Kyle Gibson is probably the most likely candidate to be the first player from the 2009 draft class added to the 40-man roster.
  • If Kyle Waldrop were to be added to the 40-man roster he would be the fifth player from the 2004 draft class, giving the Twins very strong class representation from the mid-00s with five players from each of the '04, '05, and '06 classes.




Scott Baker Draft, 2nd round 2003
Nick Blackburn Draft, 29th round 2001
David Bromberg Draft, 32nd round 2005 *
Alex Burnett Draft, 12th round 2005 *
Matt Capps Trade 2010
Brian Duensing Draft, 2nd round 2005
Phil Dumatrait Free Agent 2011
Deolis Guerra Trade 2008
Eric Hacker Free Agent 2011
Jim Hoey Trade 2011
Dusty Hughes Waiver Claim 2011
Francisco Liriano Trade 2004
Jeff Manship Draft, 14th round 2006
Jose Mijares Amateur Free Agent 2002
Joe Nathan Trade 2004
Carl Pavano Trade 2009
Glen Perkins Draft, 1st round 2004
Anthony Slama Draft, 39th round 2006
Kevin Slowey Draft, 2nd round 2005
Anthony Swarzak Draft, 2nd round 2004 *
Drew Butera Trade 2006
Joe Mauer Draft, 1st round 2001 *
Rene Rivera Free Agent 2011
Alexi Casilla Trade 2006
Justin Morneau Draft, 3rd round 1999 *
Tsuyoshi Nishioka International Free Agent 2011
Chris Parmelee Draft, 1st round 2006 *
Trevor Plouffe Draft, 1st round 2004 *
Matt Tolbert Draft, 16th round 2004
Danny Valencia Draft, 19th round 2006
Joe Benson Draft, 2nd round 2006 *
Michael Cuddyer Draft, 1st round 1997 *
Jason Kubel Draft, 12th round 2000 *
Jason Repko Free Agent 2010
Ben Revere Draft, 1st round 2007 *
Denard Span Draft, 1st round 2002 *
Rene Tosoni Draft, 36th round 2005
Delmon Young Trade 2008
Designated Hitter
Luke Hughes Amateur Free Agent 2002
Jim Thome Free Agent 2010
  1. * = Denotes high school/prep draft selection
  2. All free agent and trade years are listed as the season the player was first in the Twins organization
  3. I know Luke Hughes isn't a designated hitter, it's just a joke