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Game 63: Rangers @ Twins

First Pitch: 7:10pm CDT
Radio: Twins Radio Network
Know Thine Enemy:
Lone Star Ball

The Twins won last night thanks to Alexi Casilla, a multi-RBI home run from Michael Cuddyer and an effective bullpen. Things are different.


Brian Duensing

#52 / Pitcher / Minnesota Twins





Feb 22, 1983

He's coming off arguably his best outing of the year. I've seen the lineup already. He'll need another one just like that.

C.J. Wilson

#36 / Pitcher / Texas Rangers





Nov 18, 1980

President Bartlett's press secretary is off to an excellent start this year (6-3, 3.03 ERA).

All the rest is after the jump:


Twins (via multiple Twitterseses):

Ben Revere 7

Alexi Casilla 6

Cuddles 9

Delmon DH

Luke Hughes 3

Danny Valencia 5

Jason Repko 8

Matt Tolbert 4

Sweet Drew 2

Rangers (courtesy LENIII):

1. Elvis Andrus,SS2. Craig Gentry, CF3. Josh Hamilton,LF4. Michael Young, DH5. Adrian Beltre, 3B6. Nelson Cruz, RF7. Mike Napoli, 1B8. Yorvit Torrealba, C9. Andres Blanco, 2B


  • No Morneau in the lineup (boooo), no Young in the outfield (yaaaaay). As friend of Twinkie Town and the Earth Nick Nelson noted, this is probably the team's best outfield defense of the year, but also their weakest lineup. Will update on Morneau if it's anything more serious than a day of rest for his various maladies. (UPDATE: LaVelle says he's resting his wrist and shoulder and "doing all he can" to not join everyone else on the team on the DL.)
  • Bullpen: Matt Capps and Castle Rock Deputy Sheriff Phil Dumatrait (who has seen some craziness in his time, let me tell you) were both unavailable last night. No word yet on this evening.

Enjoy the game, everybody.