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Player of the Game: June 16, 2011

For the first time, today's vote is real toss-up. It's the starting pitcher versus the the producer of the lone run in the entire game. Neither player could have won the game without the performance of the other, but nevertheless it is your job to determine who is awarded yesterday's Player of the Game.

Nick Blackburn: 8 innings of no-run baseball is going to get a team the win on a vast majority of most occasions. Blackburn was typically himself: 14 groundball outs, 4% swinging strike percentage (that's really low, by the way), one strikeout and a pair of double plays. He was aggressive, pounded the Sox with first-pitch strikes, and while he wasn't at his sharpest he was largely in command of the game.

Michael Cuddyer: Cuddyer picked up two more hits yesterday, including his tenth home run of the season. A solo shot leading off the top of the second inning that cleared the wall in the left-center field gap, it would be the only run scored the entire contest.