Two backup catchers in NL ballparks?

I won't say I'm shocked, because roster management is one of Bill Smith's shortcomings as a GM, but I find it hard to believe that the Twins are going to play the next six games in SF and Milwaukee with two weak-hitting backup catchers. 

As everybody knows, the DH is not used in NL parks.  So that means that if Joe Mauer is in the lineup, he will be catching and both Butera and Rivera will be on the bench.  Both of them are hitting under .200, and are weak options for the inevitable pinch-hitting situations that arise with the NL style of play.  

In my opinion, they should have kept one of the two to back up Mauer (in case he strains his pinky or something) and sent one back to AAA.  Instead, they will roll with a bench of Tosoni (.547 OPS), Tolbert (.546), Repko (.432), Rivera (.532), and Butera (.469).

With all the injuries, I know there aren't many options available.  But the Twins would be better served, at least for their visits to these NL parks, to have called up Trevor Plouffe or even Chris Parmalee, who is on the 40-man roster, both of whom can swing the bat and would serve as better pinch-hitting options than either Butera or Rivera. 

They say Gardy is a good manager because he puts players "in a position to be successful."  By carrying two poor-hitting backup catchers for the upcoming series, the Twins aren't giving Gardy that same opportunity.

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