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Giants 5, Twins 1: Minnesota's Winning Streak Comes to an End

The Twins' winning streak came to an end tonight in San Francisco. After winning 8 straight, it was Ryan Vogelsong that finally brought the Twins down to Earth a bit. Vogelsong went 7 innings, walking only one and striking out 3. He only gave up 3 hits on the night, and had one unearned run. Not a bad outing by any means, and the Twins just weren't able to capitalize on any opportunities they had.

Full recap, notes, and studs & duds after the jump.

Nick Blackburn was good enough to keep the Twins in the game tonight, going 6 innings and giving up 4 hits. He walked 3, struck out 4, had one HBP, and ended up being charged with 3 runs, 1 one of them unearned.

Tonight's problem was definitely the offense. 6 players (SIX!) were 0-fer on the night. Ben Revere, Joe Mauer, Danny Valencia, and Tsuyoshi Nishioka were all 0-for-4, while Luke Hughes and Nick Blackburn were 0-for-2. Matt Tolbert made a pinch-hitting appearance and ended up leaving two runners on the bases. Team LOB for the night? 8. Team RISP? 0-for-10. That's just not acceptable.

The Twins bullpen came in and did their job well enough. The only bullpen pitcher to give up a run was Phil Dumatrait, in the 7th inning. For the combined two innings they were in the game, the Twins bullpen gave up 3 hits, had 1 earned run, 1 walk, and 2 strike outs. Not too shabby, and a definite improvement over the bullpen we saw in April and May.

-The Twins had 3 errors from 3 different players tonight: Danny Valencia, Tsuyoshi Nishioka, and Alexi Casilla. Errors aren't really helpful when you're trying to win a game.
-Michael Cuddyer stole another base tonight, giving him 7 on the year. I find this amusing. Alexi Casilla also stole a base, giving him 11 on the year. Less amusing, but good for him.
-Jim Thome and Joe Nathan will be back in the lineup on Friday for the Milwaukee series. This is great news, as having JIMMERS off the bench seems a lot better than say...Rene Tosoni or Matt Tolbert.
-If you haven't heard, #ItsHappening. That's all.

-Michael Cuddyer. 2 hits, SB, and a run scored. Good night for Cuddy.
-Delmon Young. I know, I know, but he had two hits (including a double!), and when there's so little offensive production, you have to recognize the good stuff...
-Nick Blackburn, I guess. He wasn't awful, but he wasn't as great as he's been.
-Jim Hoey's leaping catch off the mound. That was pretty sweet.

-Everyone that was hitless tonight, and that's a lot of you, and I don't really feel like taking the time to list them. They know who they are, and they feel our disappointment already.
-Eli Whiteside, who was not actually a dud, but made me kind of dislike him tonight. Whiiiitesiiiiide!

Afternoon game tomorrow, guys. See you there, when we start a new winning streak!