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You Be the Twins General Manager: What's Your Plan?

With their hot play of late, the Twins have played themselves into something of a state of limbo. Right now, teams across Major League Baseball are looking over their present and near futures in an attempt to decide what the blueprint will be for the rest of the 2011 season. Where do the Twins stand?

A lot of this is going to depend on how you look at the situation. And, it appears, that the Twins have made at least one decision: they're not sellers. At least not anymore.


This was yesterday afternoon. I don't think last night's loss is going to change anything.

If you were the general manager of the Twins, what would your current outlook be? Are you looking at the division standings and the number of high-quality players soon to return, and believing that the club can make a legitimate run for October? Maybe you're not buying the hype, or don't believe that even with a full and healthy roster could this team compete in October and so you're looking toward the future? Or, just like the organization at the moment, are you taking a wait-and-see attitude for the moment, waiting to see how the next two or three weeks play out before making your decision a couple of weeks before the non-waiver trade deadline?

Right now, I'm with the Twins. If this team, with the players it has available, can play itself into contention and get to .500 by the second week in July, I might consider buying a moderate upgrade or two. But I'm not going for broke. And if the team falters again over the next couple of weeks, I'd probably sell. For right now, however, I'm standing pat.