Is McDonald's Hurting Justin Morneau, Or Why We should avoid the Golden Arches

One of the ads airing on Fox Sports North Twins coverage this season is one for McDonalds.  That ad features a black bear and Justin Morneau lifting weights and Justin drinking a pop/soda from McDonalds with TC also joining in the weightlifting fun.  Now I am not one to voice a concern, but I think we can blame Justin's pinched nerve in the neck to the food and drink at McDonalds.  Seriously, McDonalds isn't going to cause neck problems, but the restaurant is likely to be one of the worst places to eat in America.  After the jump, some of my experiences with the Golden Arches and why I have decided to drop this hell-hole for good.

We all remember our first taste of McDonalds food.  For most of us it has been through the Happy Meal and getting a toy, but my first memory was eating from a 20 piece box of Chicken McNuggets as a child.  However, my more recent visits aren't that pleasant.

Just this past fall (Late October or early November to be exact), I ordered a strawberry milkshake and 10 Piece Chicken McNugget from the South Bismarck McDonalds and then headed to the Bismarck CashWise to do some shopping.  It was a Saturday and the shopping trip was designed to help my parents, but a quarter of the way through the trip, I got diarrhea and had to go to the bathroom at the front of the store.  I thought I was done, but as I was just about to finish my shopping there, I knew that I had to go again and did so at the back of the store near the new Little Dukes location in Bismarck.  That bathroom was a single toilet with sink in an enclosed area, and I made a huge mess.  Picture the result of the scene in the "I Love Lucy" episode Job Switching, where Ricky and Fred manage to mess up the kitchen with rice all over the floor and walls.  The difference is that milkshake within my system splattered all over the toilet and onto the floor and walls of that bathroom.  It blasted out of my system before I could sit down.

Future visits to the arches lead to discoveries that sausage patties were bad for my system, and those fries and filet'o fish sandwiches are not good for me either.  The purpose of today's visit was a filet'o fish sandwich and a large drink where I hoped to get a Justin Morneau cup.  Turns out that they don't have those cups in western North Dakota despite us being part of Twins Territory. (Note: Bismarck is only 30 miles from that really big Cow, and I have been there.)

However, just don't take me at my word, here are five links that prove what I am talking about:

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In any case, I am officially declaring McDonald's food bad for you unless your goal is to get diarrhea or food poisoning. If you are looking for a good and quick treat, mosey on over to Hardees or KFC.