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While You Were Out: 6/20 - 6/26

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We've done this before as a "This Week in Twinkie Town" kind of thing, but I like this name better. Thanks, Amazin' Avenue!


Ask a Twins Coach: Jon explores self-help for the masses, courtesy of your favorite Twins coaches. I can't help but believe their personal philosophies are 100% accurate.

Twins Sign Scott Diamond: Career profile on the second Diamond the Twins have picked up this season. He cost a lot less and is far less controversial than the other one, who is still in triple-A after being traded for a strikeout-rich bullpen prospect.

Chart of the Day: Some people have a hard time separating Mauer's value up to this point in his career, and the potential position change in his future and how that may affect his career value. Whatever your views on the latter, he's one of the best in the history of baseball at the former. Includes super cool chart.

Michael Cuddyer: One-Third Albert Pujoles, Two-Thirds Alberto Callaspo: Beau points out the jarring differential between Cuddyer's successes this season versus southpaws, and his ineffectiveness against right-handed pitchers. Food for thought.

The 500 Home Run Milestone: An Introduction: A look at the history of the 500 home run club, and it's future as a potential measuring stick for the Hall of Fame.

Joe Mauer's Milk Power Rankings: Exactly what it says on the box. Root Beer Float Milk? I want it.

Twins Looking for Bullpen Help?: Our first trade rumors of the season deal with what's been a weakness on this club since before the season started--relief pitching.

Mijares vs Mauer: Breaking down the controversy in Friday night's pivotal seventh inning.

Minor League Report: Roger's latest updates from around the Twins minor league system. Everything you need to know about the organization and the players coming through it.

Picture of the Day: Thinking About the Future of the Twins Outfield: Sometimes, the best way to get over the disappointment in the present is to look to the future.

Game Recaps

Tuesday: Twins 9, Giants 2

Wednesday: Giants 5, Twins 1

Thursday: Giants 2, Twins 1

Friday: Brewers 4, Twins 3

Saturday: Brewers 11, Twins 1

Sunday: Brewers 6, Twins 2


Blackburn's Value: Snolls extolls the virtues and value of Nick Blackburn, and quite accurately.

Two Backup Catchers in NL Ballparks: Good conversation starter by matthew0211, who questions why the Twins wouldn't choose to diversify their bench during interleague play instead of using that extra bench spot to carry a third catcher.

Up. Up. And Away!: The Twins needed heroes, and got them. Plus: cool drawing.