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Twins 6, Royals 0: Twins Sweep Four Game Series In Kansas City

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Our Minnesota Twins are still the worst team in baseball. Every single one of our six or seven most talented players on the club is still on the disabled list or riding the bench due to aches and pains. But this is baseball. And even in the midst of what's been the worst two months of baseball I've ever seen this team play, sometimes things go well. Right now, things are going well for our Twins.

Brian Duensing got healthy this afternoon, and shut down the Royals with ease. Over eight innings he allowed just six hits and a walk, striking out four and hanging a fat zero on the scoreboard. In spite of Kansas City loading the lineup with kryptonite, right-handed hitters were just 5-for-21 off balls in play. You couldn't say that Duensing was dominant, because he did have trouble working ahead consistently, but the Royals couldn't ever put good wood on the ball.

Offensively, Alexi Casilla was a big catalyst...again. His performance today included a single, double, a walk, a stolen base and a sacrifice bunt. As fas as execution goes, Casilla continues to not just pick up the lucky bounces, he continues to play solid baseball. He was batting right-handed when he stroked his double off the left field fence, and his swing actually looked good. Waiting back for the ball, quick wrists, level head, compact...he actually looks like a baseball player.

Delmon Young picked up another RBI today and Matt Tolbert drove in two more runs with a triple in the ninth, but the other two big offensive bats this afternoon belonged to Jason Repko and Luke Hughes. Repko's bases-loaded two-run single in the first completed the three-run inning for the Twins, and he added another run with a single in the sixth, while Hughes was 2-for-3 with a double, walk and a pair of runs scored.

With a season-high four-game winning streak under their belts, is this the big turnaround we've been waiting for? Probably not. But you can't deny that the Twins are finally playing an exciting brand of baseball for the first time this season, and the starting rotation is doing an amazing job of keeping the pressure off of the bullpen.

Bring on the first place Indians!


Brian Duensing, Alexi Casilla, Jason Repko, Luke Hughes