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Twins Pitching Pulling Its Weight

There have been so many problems with the Minnesota Twins this season that it can be difficult to pick just one and say: this is the reason my favorite team is terrible. Injuries played their part, but whether it was offense, defense or pitching, the Twins were rotten at them all.

Over their last seven games the Twins are 6-1. The offense and the defense has been better, without question. Sure, they scored just three runs yesterday and none at all on Tuesday, but in the five games prior they scored 32 runs. Which is outstanding, considering who's been in the lineup. But I'm giving credit to the pitchers today, because they've rocked the mound this week.

Date Pitcher IP ER
June 2 Swarzak 6 2
June 3 Pavano 9 2
June 4 Blackburn 5 2
June 5 Duensing 8 0
June 6 Baker 7 3
June 7 Liriano 5 0
June 8 Pavano 7 1

Starters have pitched to the tune of a 1.19 ERA over the last seven games, if you're counting. Twins starters have also pitched in 47 of a possible 63 innings. If your starters can suck up 75% of a team's innings then they're doing something right. Especially if that means a suspect bullpen isn't left so exposed.

Now, to be fair, the home run that Matt Capps allowed yesterday was the first earned run that the bullpen allowed all week, too. That's one run in 16 innings. That's a 0.56 ERA.

Congratulations to the pitching staff on an amazing job this week.