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Would You Sell High on Michael Cuddyer?

Would you? <strong><em>Could</em></strong> you?
Would you? Could you?

This is not an "I hate Michael Cuddyer" question. I love Cuddy. But right now the Twins are in a precarious situation and I'm curious to see what the rest of you think.

In many ways, right now the trade market is a seller's market. Multiple positions are seen as "weak" in terms of what's available right now, including first base, the corner outfield, second base and designated hitter. All of those positions are ones that, presumably, Cuddyer would play for other teams as he's done for our Twins.

A number of teams have already positioned themselves as buyers. The Yankees, Phillies, Giants and Braves could all use what Cuddyer can provide in spades: a good right-handed bat who can play multiple positions. He's one of those unique players who could really stengthen a team for the stretch run while not being one of the game's top hitters.

So here's the scenario. Say one of those four clubs, or any buying team for that matter, approached the Twins about dealing Cuddyer. Their GM offers that, in exchange for the long-time Twin and $2.5 million dollars, you (as the GM for Minnesota) would receive a pretty good deal in return. A combination of a decent catching prospect, a quality Major League bullpen arm, a B-grade infield prospect; just something that is actually a tempting deal without this turning into a Pierzynski-for-Liriano-Nathan-and-Bonser swap. Whatever it is: it solidifies areas of need for the Twins in the near future.

This is an opportunity to sell high on Cuddyer like you never could have hoped. He's playing extraordinarily well, has gone to the All-Star game and has become nearly a household name, has the value of intangibles, and he's being sold in a market where his potential competition couldn't touch him in terms of value on the field.

If you have to make your decision right now, what would you do?