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Introducing Your Minnesota Twins GIFs of the Week!

This is totally arbitrary and it probably goes without saying that we won't be posting these every week, but over the past few days we've had a couple of highly memorable Twins moments that have been turned into gifs by various talented people. They're currently all over the internets, so if you know who posted them originally feel free to drop a note in the comments so I can give proper tribute.

For those of you accessing Twinkie Town through your mobile device, I've put the gifs after the jump. Enjoy!

Our first GIF of the Week is courtesy of Ben Revere, who has nearly mastered the matrix but was basically like Neo when he couldn't jump from skyscraper to skyscraper while in training. Revere believed he could run that fast...until he tried.


That's just too priceless for words.

And of course we already know what our second GIF of the Week will be. Delmon Young's reaction to Jim Thome and his massive home run swing. It's a reaction for the ages.


That look on Thome's face is one of sheer determination and will. The look on Delmon's just awesome.