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Twins Trade Rumors: Cuddyer, Mijares, Span, Slowey


Happy Tuesday afternoon everyone. Hopefully that 20-6 painful tale is fading in your memories as you read this. We've had a few fresh Twins-related trade tidbits come through the wire over the last 24 hours, so here's your latest.

  • According to Scott Miller of CBS Sports, the Angels have discussed Michael Cuddyer internally. Of course this really means nothing concrete, other than the fact that they have interest. Add the Angels to a list that has included the Phillies, Yankees, Giants and Braves in the recent past. No doubt there are other contenders who would consider renting Cuddyer.
  • Last night Buster Olney told the baseball world that the Twins had been looking for suitors for Jose Mijares. Mijares is a guy I've defended here in the past, but this year he has completely fallen off the wagon. A lot of players have at least started to scratch their way out of their early season holes; Mijares doesn't seem to be getting any more effective. Next year might be a different matter and it might not, but you certainly can't blame the Twins for shopping Jose. Maybe he's another one of those change-of-location cases.
  • Denard Span is getting a second night off in a row from the Red Wings. Which is just a bit odd. This should put a damper on any Span trade rumors for a number of reasons. First and foremost, you have to be careful with concussion issues and Span's health need to be the number one priority. You can't trade a guy who's in that state. Second, taking that over to the baseball side of things, it hurts his value. Selling low on a guy with a concussion is classless in too many ways, and the Twins won't do it. Of course, all this is just me assuming that two days off in a row has something to do with post-concussion issues. Maybe it doesn't. Either way: I don't want to trade Span. He's too valuable, and there's no reason for Minnesota to deal him anyway.
  • Here's one late addition: according to Yahoo's Tim Brown (not the former NFL receiver great), the Rockies (and other teams) are after Kevin Slowey.

That's all I've got for now. Game coming up in a few hours!