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Twins Player of the Game: July 27, 2011

Last night the Twins won convincingly. And you'll forgive me if I firmly believe that it was awesome. In celebration we're bringing back our Player of the Game vote, since we haven't been able to do one in what seems like forever. Here are your candidates for last night's victory over the Rangers!

Brian Duensing: A lot of people have been waiting for Duensing to move back to the bullpen so the Twins could give Kevin Slowey another chance at the Major League rotation, but as usual Duensing answered a bit of unease with a solid performance. He was relieved with two outs in the seventh, having surrendered just one run to the big-time Ranger offense on seven hits and a walk. Duesning struck out six.

Joe Mauer: His first homer of the year, another multi-hit game, a walk, a pair of runs batted in...and three runs scored. Somewhere, Mauer haters are lurking and waiting for a bad week so they can bring themselves back out of the woodwork.

Michael Cuddyer: Minnesota's offensive MVP delivered again, with his own home run, his own multi-hit game, his own pair of runs batted in...and two runs scored.

Jason Kubel: It's so good to have a legitimate middle of the order again. Kubel landed a trio of hits and a trio of runs batted in; one of his hits was his 15th double of the season.

So, Twins fans. Who's your horse today?