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Bill Smith And Mike Rizzo Try To Make A Deal

From Mark Zuckerman at

Twins GM Bill Smith wanted more players in addition to Storen included in the trade, while [Nationals GM Mike] Rizzo was willing to deal the 23-year-old closer only if he got more than Span in return.

SMITH (on the phone): Yeah, hi, I'm calling about your ad in the paper - the '06 Mustang? I see here you've got this listed at $12,500.

RIZZO: Yes, that's right.

SMITH: All right, here's my offer: I'll give you $12,500, but you have to give me the car, plus a Camaro and two Toyota minivans.

RIZZO: What?

SMITH: That's my offer.

RIZZO: You want me to give you four cars instead of the one I listed in the advertisement?

SMITH: Hey, take it or leave it.

RIZZO: Tell you what. I'll give you the car, but you have to give me $35,000.

SMITH: How is that a counter-offer? You're just asking for three times the original asking price.

RIZZO: Take it or leave it, man.

SMITH: How about this: I'll give you $5,000, but I get the car, two coupons for a free pizza with purchase of a pizza of equal or greater value, and a motorcycle to be named later.

RIZZO: I like that, but instead of $5,000, let's make it $50,000. And no motorcycle. And I get the coupons, not you.

SMITH: Let me try a different tack. I'll give you the $12,500, but I want the bedroom set, the two jet skis, the week in Amsterdam, and the year's supply of breakfast cereal. And a date with your wife.

RIZZO: That makes no sense.

SMITH: That's what I want.

RIZZO: Here's what I want: I'll give you $12,500, but I get a bedroom set, two jet skis, a week in Amsterdam, and a year's worth of cereal. And a date with my wife.

SMITH: That's what I just said. That's literally exactly what I just asked from you.

RIZZO: Well, that's what I want.

SMITH: I'm not sure this is working out.

RIZZO: Yeah, you might be right.

SMITH: How about I give you $12,500 for the 2006 Ford Mustang?

RIZZO: Are you serious?