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Twins Trade Delmon Young To Detroit

This according to the Star Tribune.

It's a great day for America, or at least for Twins fans with eyeballs who therefore had to watch Young's laugh-to-keep-from-crying defense in left field. I've often said that I would have traded Young for a new set of bases. That the Twins even get one player in return, never mind two, makes this trade a coup for the Twins in my mind.

Young was making over $5 million this season, and was a candidate to be non-tendered at season's end, especially with the Twins facing a glut of outfielders.

According to the Star Tribune story, the Twins receive Class A lefthander Cole Nelson, who's from Edina and thus will be the butt of cake-eater jokes on this site from now on. Nelson's 5-11 with a 4.87 ERA this year in high-A.

The Twins also get a player to be named later, which we hope is not Delmon Young.