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Torii Hunter: "I Ain't Going Back to the Twins"

Halos Heaven is the place to go for all things Angels. It's a fantastic site, and I don't say that just because they're a part of the SB Nation family - they're an active and passionate community. Recently, they got a shoutout from former Twin Torii Hunter. You can check out the original post here, which caught my eye as Torii made his choice as to which team he'd go into the Hall of Fame with...were he to make it.

Torii has always been a favorite of mine, and for good reason. He was a centerpiece of the team as they became competitive again, and he was the one piece that remained as his contemporaries either left the team or left the game. The guy is going to finish his career (barring something unforeseen) with more than 300 career homers. That's a rare feat, and it's something the Twins haven't seen one of their own do since Harmon Killebrew. I know Torii will reach 300 with the Angels (probably), but even Kent Hrbek didn't hit 300. Justin Morneau could do it, but he has to stay healthy and is currently stuck at 185.

Back to the subject at hand, in the video clip below Torii is his typical gregarious, happy-go-lucky self. He's always been that way with the media, even those times where he said something that didn't quite resonate with certain sectors of the Minnesota fanbase. As a result I don't really want to over-react here, but after hearing on previous occasions that Torii wouldn't mind coming back to Minnesota to finish his career where it began (once his contract expires in Anaheim, obviously), it came as a bit of a surprise when he says "I ain't goin' back to the Twins".

This isn't a hate-on-Torii post. More than anything I'm looking for your interpretation. As Twins fans, how do you take this? Is this just Torii-being-Torii and he's just playing around, or has something changed in the last year or so that's led him to actually change his mind about a potential reunion in Minnesota?

Watch for yourself and make up your own mind.