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Angels 7, Twins 1: Thome Homers Again In Losing Effort

Sorry about the bad team this year, Jimmer.
Sorry about the bad team this year, Jimmer.

Ladies and gentlemen: Dan Haren and the Minnesota Twins. One stud and a whole team of duds, if that game was anything to go by. The Twins had exactly one highlight, and it was Jim Thome smashing career homer number 598 over the wall in straight away center field. Of course by that point the Twins were already down 7-0, but it's nice to see one guy show up to play.

The front office made a number of mistakes last winter, the result of which is a pretty mediocre baseball team (at best), particularly when the Major League roster has been decimated by injuries. But Seth Stohs commented on all of those things already, and I'll guarantee you this: when Seth essentially gives up on the season, he's the last line of defense. Here's part of what he had to say about last night's circus:

I think the time has come that even I have to just admit that this Minnesota Twins team is a bad baseball team...This team is not a good offensive team. Yes, I will agree that injuries are not only an excuse but the reality...But at the end of the day, this team will score more than 150 less runs than they did a year ago...This team does not have good starting pitching...Anthony Swarzak has been solid in long relief and spot starts, but you could actually make an argument that he has been the Twins second-best starter…The team does not have a good bullpen. This is probably a huge understatement...The team does not play good defense...It was a rough one for the front office...The best move that the front office did was not signing Francisco Liriano to a long-term contract...The Twins are a bad baseball team. I think I can admit it. I think!

What more do we need to say?