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Buehrle, White Sox Edge Twins 5-3; Also, Nick Blackburn Really Isn't Good Right Now

The Twins, despite a shaky top half of the first inning, tagged longtime nemesis Mark Buehrle for three runs in the bottom half, which was capped by a majestic 100th career dong from Jason Kubel, Professional Hitter. For a brief moment, with the 1991 Minnesota Twins looking on, it looked as if their 2011 counterparts were going to make August interesting for a little while longer.

Then Nick Blackburn took the mound again.

Blackburn, who has struggled mightily for over a month now, had nothing yet again tonight, and it's a testament to Chicago's own issues that they only managed four runs off the Twins righthander on a night when he walked a career-high six batters and his infield was putting on a clinic in allowing Todd Walker Bonus Outs. Carlos Quentin did the majority of the damage, hitting two home runs off Blackburn, one that narrowed the Twins lead to 3-2 in the 3rd, and a 2-run shot that put the White Sox ahead for good in the 6th. The rest of the Chicago lineup, which was on base the entire evening, didn't do much with ample opportunities, stranding 13 runners and leaving the bases loaded twice.

The Twins hitters, meanwhile, were stifled by Buehrle after the first, who essentially breezed through the next seven innings. Ozzie Guillen brought in Chris Sale for the save, and despite a 2-out double by JK, PH, he did just that. If it's happening, I'm having a difficult time seeing it.

Studs: Buehrle, Quentin, Kubel

Duds: Nishioka (what that play was in the first inning, I have no idea), Blackburn, Valencia (another error and the final out), Adam Dunn (congratulations on pulling a Buckner and being owned by Phil Dumatrait in the same game, and may God have mercy on your soul).

On the positive side, it sounds like Justin Morneau's rehab start didn't result in him getting polio, so let's end on that note. Enjoy your weekend, everybody.