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White Sox 7, Twins 0: Swept by Chicago

Jake Gyllenhaal awakes on a train with a start. It soon becomes obvious that he doesn't know where he is, but he's very perceptive. He notices a can of soda being opened, watches coffee drop on his shoe, hears random snippets of conversations and sees a bag in the upper level of the train carriage he's riding. Sufficiently flustered he stumbles around for eight minutes (this is film minutes by the way, not real minutes), notices his reflection isn't of himself, and then he blows up along with the rest of the train.

I was actually going to write a review/synopsis of Source Code instead of a game recap, but after putting down that first paragraph it seems sort of apt. The Twins awake two months late into the 2011 season, stumble around for a bit and manage to look competent yet still lost, and while still trying to find out who the hell they are they explode. In a firey, mushroom cloud explosion. BOOM! Just like that.

It would be unfair to talk about which guys didn't look good today and who did, because nobody really looked good. Jake Peavy was great, holding the Twins to three hits over eight innings. Brian Duensing wasn't terrible but he really wasn't good, either. Carlos Quentin, Alex Rios and Brent Lillibridge (who, seriously, is batting .265/.344/.507 this year) all had multi-hit afternoons.

That's all for tonight, folks. Get on with your lives and enjoy your Sunday evenings. The Twins season may be all but over, but if you're like me at least you have the Vikings to look forward to. For some reason I'm much more excited about the upcoming football season than I usually am.

To cheer us all up, after the jump there is a video of cats doing funny things. The best one is around the 2 minute mark, as I'm not really a cat person and would love to have seen this happen.