2011 Twins Statistical Overview

No cutesy subtitle to this edition - this is the gritty reboot. We're not afraid to kill off minor characters this time around, as Tom Nieto has already discovered.

Twins leader in OPS: Francisco Liriano
Twins leader in ERA: Michael Cuddyer

Joe Mauer: .358
Nick Punto: .371

Twins leader in OBP (min. 100 PA): Joe Mauer
That means Nick Punto would be leading the Twins in OBP: Yes

Twins with a higher slugging percentage than Nick Punto (min. 100 PA):
Michael Cuddyer
Jason Kubel
Trevor Plouffe

Home Runs
2011 Minnesota Twins: 94
Top three home run hitters on the Yankees: 100

Save Percentage
LaTroy Hawkins, 2001: 76%
Ron Davis, 1984: 67%
Matt Capps, 2011: 65%

Times intentionally walked
2011 Minnesota Twins: 24
Prince Fielder: 29

Slugging Percentage
Rene Rivera, Drew Butera, and Steve Holm, added together: .625
Jose Bautista: .627

Twins current active roster: 12
Jose Reyes: 16

Twins team leader Michael Cuddyer: .807
2011 Boston Red Sox: .807

Batting average
2011 Minnesota Twins: .249
1899 Cleveland Spiders: .253

Players named "Rene"
2011 Minnesota Twins: 2
1899 Cleveland Spiders: 0

Players named "Chief"
2011 Minnesota Twins: 0
1899 Cleveland Spiders: 2

Players named "Highball"
2011 Minnesota Twins: 0
1899 Cleveland Spiders: 1

Advantage: Spiders