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Royals 4, Twins 0: Bruce Chen Shuts Down the Twins

Just because I think Jose Valverde is a D-bag.
Just because I think Jose Valverde is a D-bag.

The Twins are one game closer to losing 100 games this season. There was reason for a little optimism last night in Kansas City, as Jason Kubel and Michael Cuddyer both returned to the Twins lineup. But the Royals had perennial All Star Cliff Lee on the mound, and he shut down the Twins lineup, allowing only two hits and a walk over eight sharp innings. According to, Gardy said the following about Lee:

"He was pretty good tonight. I've seen him do that to a lot of clubs. I'm not about to get after that guy because he pitched his tail off and he took advantage of our hitters. If they weren't swinging right or weren't swinging good, then Mr. Lee was the reason why they weren't doing it."

Oh wait, it wasn't Cliff Lee out there. It was the immortal Bruce Chen, the same guy the Twins have pounded for 17 hits in just over 17 innings in two starts this season. But those starts were in April and July, before the Twins lineup was dominated by minor leaguers. Sorry Gardy, I know you're probably tired of ripping these guys, but when a team that has been limited to one run or fewer a total of 14 times in its last 24 games, it's probably a sign of a feeble offense rather than an ace level performance from the opposing starter.


Everyone with a bat. And the defense, as Joe Benson and Trevor Plouffe both committed throwing errors.


I don't think I can call anyone a "stud". Carl Pavano wasn't terrible, giving up 4 runs (3 earned) over 7 innings. But he gave up 11 more hits and 2 home runs, continuing his impression of Livan Hernandez. Only less effective. Lester Oliveros wasn't very good, giving up a hit and a walk over less than an inning. Maybe Jose Mijares gets the "stud" of the night, as he faced one batter, striking out Alex Gordon looking. Yay!