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Seattle 5, Minnesota 4: The Streak Goes to 11

This picture makes me sad.
This picture makes me sad.

The Twins had their chance to break their losing streak tonight. Kevin Slowey pitched 5 solid innings, giving up no hits or walks through the first 3 innings, and in the fourth, a Trevor Plouffe error allowed Ichiro to reach base and ruined the shot at a perfect game. Though he did carry his no-hitter into the sixth, it was that inning where Slowey began to run into problems, giving up two earned runs on 3 hits, two of them being back-to-back doubles. The 7th inning saw more troubles for Slowey, as he gave up 3 hits and two more runs and was replaced by Phil Dumatrait, who promptly gave up another earned run in his relief appearance. The Mariners wouldn't score again, but their 5 runs would be enough to secure them and win and put the Twins another game closer to losing 100 this season.

The Twins offensive production, studs & duds, and notes after the jump.

The Twins started off the scoring in the bottom of the first, with Revere, Cuddyer, and Parmelee all singling, scoring the speedy Revere. They'd score again in the fourth, when a Joe Benson double would knock in Trevor Plouffe. The Twins would rally a bit in the 8th and 9th, scoring a run in the bottom of each frame, but Brian Dinkelman grounded out for the last out in the 9th, leaving men on base and the fans frustrated.

This run of really bad baseball has now left the Twins with 11 straight losses, meaning they only need to lose 5 more to get to the magical 100 losses. Hooray, or something.

-Plouffe (even with the error, good night at the plate)

-Plouffe (error)