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Twins 0, White Sox 4: We Almost Witnessed History


I honestly don't even know what to write with these recaps anymore. How many times can one say a team played terribly? Maybe I need to try different languages? Either way, the Twins were almost the victim of a Zach Stewart perfect game. Yeah. I know.

Recap, notes, and studs & duds after the jump...if you want.

The only hit for the Twins on the night came from Danny Valencia, in the 8th inning. Stewart struck out nine Twins batters over the night, dominating the mostly-AAA lineup. I have to admit, there was a certain point where I had hoped Stewart would pitch a perfect game, just so something exciting would have happened...

For Minnesota, Scott Diamond didn't have the best stuff, and only pitched 5 innings. He gave up 8 hits, 2 earned runs, 2 walks, and struck out 4. The bullpen didn't do too poorly, though Kyle Waldrop's big league debut certainly could have gone better. Waldrop gave up 3 hits, had 2 earned runs, walked one, and struck out one. Not terrible, but in only 1.2 innings pitched, he could have done better.

Jose Mijares and Joe Nathan closed things out for the Twins, allowing no more earned runs and striking out 4 (Nathan 3 and Mijares 1).

Overall, the White Sox had 13 hits to the Twins' 1. Just...yep.

Not a single Twins player. Not even Danny, he ruined the chance to see history.

-Every single Twins player. What a disgrace.

-Liam Hendricks will be making his big league debut tomorrow. That should be fun.
-Uh...the Twins only need 5 wins to ensure they don't lose 100 games this year. Odds of that happening?