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State Of Play: Monday, January 16

"Boy, I hope these winter ball starts help my arbitration case!"
"Boy, I hope these winter ball starts help my arbitration case!"

Let's all sit down and take another look at the latest Twins news, shall we?

  • The Twins have signed flamethrowing righty Joel Zumaya to a one-year contract. Zumaya broke his right arm at Target Field in 2010 in the act of delivering a pitch, and hasn't pitched an inning since, undergoing two surgeries in the meantime. The former Tiger has been hurt for basically his entire career, and also once injured himself playing Rock Band. Really, with injuries that frequent and that unpredictable, he'll fit right in with the rest of the Twins. I do fear, however, that the volatile combination of Zumaya's injury history and the Twins' medical staff may result in the team's first bullpen death in club history.
  • Minnesota also signed 16-year old Venezuelan Mauricio Silva, as covered by TT's Steve Adams earlier this week. Silva is apparently already 6'2" and nearly 200 pounds at age 16. The Twins signed him for $370,000; presumably, even as we speak, representatives from the Hopkins High School basketball program are arriving in Venezuela with an even better offer to play point guard for the Royals next season.
  • Three Twins are among the 142 major-league players that filed for arbitration. MLB Trade Rumors earlier predicted that Francisco Liriano would get $5.2 million, Glen Perkins would get $1.5 million, and Alexi Casilla would get $1.3 million. The Twins have a history of settling arbitration cases before they reach a hearing, so I'd be kind of surprised if anybody actually made it that far this time around.
  • Francisco Liriano started a playoff game in the Dominican League on Saturday. Here's how it went:
    1. Walk
    2. Single to right
    3. Single to center (run scores)
    4. Walk
    5. 5-2-3 double play
    6. Single to right (two runs score)
    7. Double to left (run scores)
    8. New pitcher

    So it's all going well for Liriano in the Dominican League. That was his third game; he's got a 12.60 ERA.

  • Reminder: Spring Training begins February 19. I figure we need to keep throwing that in to these updates, just in case.