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Tigers vs Yankees: Previewing the ALCS

A look ahead at what's coming for us in the American League Championship Series.

Kelley L Cox-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Probable Pitchers

Game 1: Doug Fister vs Andy Pettitte

Game 2: Anibal Sanchez vs Hiroki Kuroda

Game 3: Justin Verlander vs Phil Hughes

Game 4: Max Scherzer vs CC Sabathia

Rest of Tigers' pitching roster: Al Alburquerque, Joaquin Benoit, Phil Coke, Octavio Dotel, Rick Porcesso, Drew Smyly, Jose Valverde

Rest of Yankees' pitching roster: Joba Chamberlain, Cody Eppley, Boone Logan, Derek Lowe, David Phelps, Clay Rapada, David Robertson, Rafael Soriano

Game 1 Starting Lineups

Tigers: Jackson (CF), Infante (2B), Cabrera (3B), Fielder (1B), Young (DH), Peralta (SS), Dirks (LF), Garcia (RF), Laird (C)

Yankees: Jeter (SS), Suzuki (LF), Cano (2B), Teixeira (1B), Ibanez (DH), Rodriguez (3B), Swisher (RF), Granderson (CF), Martin (C)

Tigers' bench: Avila (C), Santiago (IF), Worth (IF), Berry (OF), Kelly (OF)

Yankees' bench: Stewart (C), Chavez (IF), Nix (UT), Gardner (OF)


  • After just finishing their Division series yesterday, the Yankees have added an extra pitcher for the ALCS. While possibly a necessity for the first couple days of this series in order to not be short relievers, that additional flexibility with the extra position player may be an advantage for Detroit.
  • Both teams are strong at the back end of their bullpen.
  • The Tigers have a stronger ALCS rotation...on paper.
  • You'd be hard-pressed to find a middle of the order that matches up against Cabrera and Fielder, but the bottom of the New York lineup is dangerous - who wants to see Granderson facing you down out of the eight-hole?
Prediction: Tigers in six. I think their starting pitching is strong enough to help them push through.