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Blue Jays 4, Twins 3: Twins Lose Game Almost No One Cares About

Tom Szczerbowski - Getty Images

Joe Mauer went 0 for 3 tonight, taking himself out of the American League Batting Title race, and Anthony Swarzak didn't have his best fifth-spot-start of the season as the Blue Jays beat the Twins in a game almost no one cared about. Swarzak gave up four runs on five hits over five innings (for better or worsenot too shabby for this year's Twins).

The highlight of the night came from Denard Span, who hit his fourth home run of the season to score the Twins first two runs in the sixth inning. Span, Trevor Plouffe, and Alexi Casilla each hit doublesPlouffe's and Casilla's both in the seventh inning, leading to the Twins' other run scored. But that's it.

More importantly, we learned from the game thread poll that apparently several Twins fans would NOT drink a brand of milk named Mauer Milk. What is wrong with those people, I do not know. The game was also disrupted by a roving band of cats with lasers who jumped on to the field.


  • Joe Mauer: All Twins fans should be giving him a standing ovation at this point. I joke about it a lot, but honestly, Joe deserves all of our admiration for what he is able to do. If you don't think that, please, I beg you, find a different city and/or baseball team. He is one of the best baseball players you will ever see in your lifetime, and I am so sorry if you can't realize that.


  • The Fans This Year/Last Year Who Booed Mauer: Shame on you. Shame on you. Shame on you.