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The Hosken Powell Memorial Linkdump is Late Because of the Vikings, OK?

Newsy bits from Twins Territory with jokes that add value for you, the reader.

Kevork Djansezian

Let's do this thing:

  • Per 1500ESPN's Doogie "Darren" Wolfson, the Twins have canned marketing director Patrick Klinger and Heidi Sammon, who organized the annual TwinsFest. I don't know anything about either person, but I do know that the Twins have lost damn near 200 games the last two years, and damn near everyone loves TwinsFest. I'm probably missing something obvious, as is usual for me.
  • Jesse already covered the Twins' interest in bringing Scott Baker back next year at a more reasonable cost with his usual flair and Breckenridge-ian sensibility. I'm on board with this, but if they bring him back, they HAVE to have a back-up plan, right? His injury history is such that the team can't possibly say, "He's one of our starting five." His slot HAS to be "Baker/Hendriks" or "Baker/Free Agent," right? Again: I am in favor of bringing him back, because when healthy he can be highly effective. It's the "when healthy" that troubles me.
  • Because you maybe haven't seen it enough yet, local blog celebrity Michael Rand has the .gif of Delmon Young's 17-hop throw in Game 1 of the World Series. Hypnotic.
  • The alleged front-runner for the vacant Miami Marlins managerial position? Former Twins catcher and character Mike Redmond. Honestly, I love this. And in the sweltering heat and humidity of south Florida, naked batting practice is just common sense (thanks to Howard for finding that link from the essential Can't Stop the Bleeding).

We should be so lucky to have breaking Twins news today. If there is any, we'll let you know.